Holiday Sale! Use SAVE5 for 5% Off | Expires Monday Midnight!
Holiday Sale! Use SAVE5 for 5% Off | Expires Monday Midnight!
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About us

Our mission is to provide your entryway with the highest level of functionality and aesthetic appeal that every home deserves.




At Entryway Living we understand that first impressions matter. Whether you are welcoming guests for the first time or celebrating with you friends and family, Entryway Living strives to provide the most functional and stylish pieces for your entryway and home. 



We work with the best manufactures and suppliers whose main objective is to create durable, quality, and stylish pieces. From artisan crafted furniture to lasting woven rugs, we’ve curated the finest goods available on the market with price in mind!
 Not only do we present our valuable customers with outstanding products, but we believe that creating a relationship is as important. We know that choosing an item for your home can be overwhelming so we offer top notch customer service. Think of us as your friendly neighbor who is here to help and answer any question.




If we’re online you can live message us (look for the message box in the right side of the screen), e-mail us at or call us. You can expect a response in less than 24 hours!